Digital Asset Themes

Thesis driven investment at the foundation of Emerging Proptech, enabling the next evolution of our largest asset class - real estate.

Thesis driven investment at the foundation of Emerging Proptech, enabling the next evolution of our largest asset class - real estate.

Our thesis

Blockchain, AI, and ESG focused digital asset innovation is laying the groundwork for a new global financial infrastructure, creating efficiencies across markets and sectors as adoption grows, and first movers integrating these technologies into the world's largest asset class -real estate -will be well positioned for a long-term asymmetric return profile.

We are a strong believer that real-time compliance (‘compliant-tech’) embedded within blockchain enabled use cases, across the entire real estate value chain, will be a driving force behind the next evolution of the asset class, resulting in unparalleled transparency, security, scalability, and liquidity to proficiently unlock Trillions ($) in global real estate equity.


We are in the very early stages of blockchain + digital asset adoption; think internet in the mid-to-late 1990s or mobile in 2007-’08.

World class talent flooding web3 space, priming the next ‘golden era’ of financial tech innovation.

As institutional adoption + corporate engagement increases, a regulatory framework will emerge, moderating digital asset price volatility and extend the risk / return spectrum beyond traditional alternatives like (traditional) real estate or private equity.

We believe investment partners should take a long-term view, welcome the next wave of technological innovation, learn, and diversify into controlled, compelling digital asset growth opportunities which maintain a visible edge in the market.

90%+ Venture Equity
5% Early-Stage Tokens
5% Early-Stage incubation

Early-Stage incubation

Providing access to unparalleled domain expertise, hands-on support, investment, and a vast network of value-add partners.

Early-stage tokens

Venture-style model for private sales via tokenized ownership, pricing at a discount to any public offering. Includes tokenization of assets which stand to benefit from unmatched liquidity.

Venture Equity

Early-stage equity investment - Pre-seed through Series A+ -in the exceptional founders/ teams utilizing blockchain, AI/ML and ESG focused technology to optimize the evolving real estate value chain.

Digital asset core themes

Modern payment systems + secure store of value (infrastructure)

Removal of the ancient ACH/SWIFT banking process developed in the 1970’s, replaced with frictionless transferring on a distributed (immutable) ledger.

Payment blockchains could very well end up doing to global banks what email did to the post office, while the digitization of global currencies increasingly become adopted.1

Open / Decentralized Finance (DeFi) / smart contracts

Digitally distributed, open source, permissionless, secure and scalable protocols providing borrowing, lending, capital markets, savings, etc.

Built on top of blockchain technology, removing intermediary costs and substantially increasing liquidity + incentivizing people to do verifiable work that builds real-world infrastructure.


Breaking down the tension between centralized (owned) organizations, the users, developers, and businesses.
Removing unilateral power of companies like Meta, Uber, Twitter, while web3 blockchains enable the creation of decentralized networks where decisions are made by the community.


Decentralization effectively removes the intermediaries between creators and fanS utilizing cryptocurrency economics, resulting in increased engagement and cost efficiencies.  The current paradigm of the internet extracting value from its users* is being flipped to the users adding and owning what’s created.


Entrepreneurs / Repeat Founders, Investors and Operators assembled to add the strategic value our Founders/Teams and Investors will require.








Advisory Partner


Research Partner


Advisory Partner


Advisory Partner
Corevalues:    Integrity  -  Accountability  -  Excellence  -  Energy
Core values:
Integrity  -  Accountability  -  Excellence  -  Energy

Access to Innovation

Select Fund I investments1

+ Investing alongside prominent global VCs.
+ Expansive collaborative network.

+ High-quality inbound deal flow.
+ Increased access to founders/teams.
+ Increased allocations.

= Scalable & Repeatable investment strategy


Sample set2

Network Connectivity

Incubators, accelerators, angels, VC networks, investment & service DAOs, research outlets, and NFT communities

Deal Funnel & Selection


Screening sourced opportunities by sector, stage, market, and fundraisability (co-invest interest) before entering funnel…  


Deep dive into (i) founder / team; diligence & discussions, (ii) problem & solution(s), (iii) market & scalability roadmap.


Define (i) path to execution, (ii) isolate 44s value proposition (i.e., synergies across portfolio), (iii) investment sizing and final IC approval.

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